Dear State Finalists and Families,

NAM girls lead the way! For the last 17 years, through academics, activism and community service, I have seen NAM girls become leaders in their schools, houses of worship, and communities. More so than any other year, I am so proud to be a NAM director.

Set the Example

We have a unique opportunity before us to once again be leaders and set the example; we will be doing a pageant during a global pandemic.

We have all seen the pictures of crowded beaches and pools and people with little to no regard for social distancing and safety. This is our chance to set the example of hosting and participating in an event responsibly!

Please help us in our effort to set the gold standard in holding a safe and fun event…working together to accomplish this.

  • Social Distance – Stay at least 6′ apart
  • Wear a mask – Even if you are not symptomatic, please wear a mask. Every article I read from health care professionals encourages the use of a mask while in public.
  • Please do not ask the reigning or new queen for pictures together
  • Be respectful of each other
  • Please follow the guidelines that have been set out the COVID action plan that you received in the mail.
  • Please follow the guest limits for events as show on your schedule.

Be Patient

We are taking steps as an organization to ensure everyone’s safety on pageant weekend. Please know that we do not take this responsibility lightly, and our decisions have been made carefully and thoughtfully.  

I am sure there will be times when things seem inconvenient or are taking too long. Please be patient with the pageant staff and fellow contestants and families.

Matt Leverton
State Director