Response to COVID-19

We wrapped the 2020 Georgia pageant a few weeks ago and just finished the Kentucky/Tennessee pageant, and I must admit I couldn’t be more pleased with the support of the contestants, their families, the hotel and my staff to produce a safe event in the time of COVID.

As you probably know, we had to re-think every procedure on pageant weekend, from the check-in to crowning and everything in between. And I am very proud of the level of detail we went to to produce a safe event.

I invite you to please leave your comments here about your thoughts on our response to COVID.

Thanks, Matt Leverton


  1. It was a great moment of relief to go out and do something exciting. We all felt safe and comfortable. Not cancelling the program shows we can always find ways of solving this problem instead of putting our lives in hold. Thanks for putting up a great team

  2. This was our second year at the pageant and we put much thought into whether it would be a safe event to attend. We are so thankful we decided to go. Matt and the staff clearly had put even more thought into how to make this a safe event for the girls and still a fun and memorable experience. Tia had worked hard to prepare for the pageant so we were very thankful that it did not get cancelled. She was able to make friends, have an amazing time, and make memories that will last her a lifetime. We can’t wait for Nationals!

  3. Matt and his staff did an amazing job maintaining social distancing measures, without compromising the integrity of the pageant. I was reluctant in allowing my daughter to participate this year after the pandemic “shut life down”, but she was determined to enjoy this experience as soon as she could. I was assured it would be safe, as Matt and his staff continued to communicate (through email, postal mail and their website) the necessary steps they were taking, and I was reassured at the pageant to see that these safety measures were actually being enforced. All around great experience that we don’t regret being a part of! Great job, Matt!

  4. Matt and his amazing staff were phenomenal! Even though things weren’t as involved as it could have been, considering the pandemic we had an awesome experience. Thank you all for some great N.A.M memories! We’re proud to have been apart of such a great Pageant. And we’re looking forward to Nationals! God bless everyone of you and your families. Together we’ll make it through this!

  5. The event was nice. I do wish it was required for everyone to wear masks, not optional. But I do appreciate that the rows we’re spaced out so much and it definitely helped that there weren’t a lot of people there this year. I know my daughter had been looking forward to the pageant all year so the fact that you all still put it on made her happy. I was hesitant to let her do it but it worked out. Overall it was great!

    1. Thanks Kristen. I am going to require masks at all future events. I sent a letter yesterday to all future contestants and families that they had to wear a make unless on stage. ~Matt

  6. This was our first experience with NAM and to be honest we almost dropped out due to COVID. We were pleased to see every staff member wearing their masks, and the rooms were never crowded. This made it easy to keep a safe distance from others. The only time I felt uneasy was when a lady behind us kept coughing and sniffling without a mask. Besides that, the weekend was a success. Thank you NAM for a wonderful experience!

  7. On behalf of my family I wish to extend our deepest gratitude towards the entire NAM staff. You guys did an awesome job maintaining a safe environment for everyone. To include Mr.Matt, reminding the namily to keep their masks on. This was our 2nd pageant and we think it was the best, though less contestants, very much less stressful (a dads’ point of view Lol ), Yet for my daughter- she had the Time of Her Life !!! We look forward to our next participation. God Bless both the participants and the talent behind the scenes.

  8. It definitely was a great first experience, despite COVID-19! Thank you for ensuring our health and safety! And thank you for operating in excellence!

  9. We had an excellent and safe experience! It was clear the thought given by the staff on how to execute every aspect of the pageant safely in the current environment. I’m very thankful for the efforts the staff went to so that our girls could enjoy this very special experience.

  10. Matt and the NAMily provided an excellent and safe environment for us at the pageant this past weekend! Communication was very clear and informative! Every detail was planned and executed with precision with our safety being the first priority! This was our first experience with NAM, and it is one we will never forget! I think my daughter said it best on the last day of the finale while she was getting ready (DAY 3) “I WISHED THIS PAGEANT COULD LAST FOREVER!” -Zoe Rose

    We will see everyone at Disney in November.

  11. Matt and his staff went above and beyond even the highest of expections to ensure the safety of everyone at this event.It truly is a reminder of his devotion to his namily and i as a mother am so very thankful just another reason to love National American Miss.

  12. The NAM staff did an outstanding job keeping the contestants and families safe through use of masks and social distancing. Lines were clearly marked on the floor and small groups were used on stage for the finale ,which ultimately helped back stage move more efficiently. Thank you!

  13. We are thankful and appreciate you guys taking the risk.. this year was already so hard for our girls .. imagine missing this magic moments would be very sad .. we feel safety all the time and each detail was taking care off just want to say thank

  14. Everything went great. I am glad that there were not a lot of people and everyone tried to abide by the rules. No inconvenience arose and this did not interfere with enjoying the atmosphere. Thank you for not canceling the contest and kids get so many positive emotions at such a time!

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